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You can order healthy, regenerative vegetables from us! We grow tasty food without any pesticides, and capture CO2 and increase biodiversity while at it.


​Eat the world you want to live in!


Would you like to order our products? Email your name and email to Every Sunday we send you the list with what we have available. Order before Thursday 12 pm and collect your bag at transition shop 't Grootstalletje on Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday.


Bodemzicht farms at the estate of Grootstal, right next to the city of Nijmegen.

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We are climate farmers for life.

We grow healthy food and diverse landscapes.

We farm climate positive and increase biodiversity.

We are passionate about integrating nature, agriculture and communities.

We invite you to our demonstration farm and learning place.

We invite you to regenerate.


Welcome to Bodemzicht!

Climate farmers



Ultimately the only wealth that can sustain any community, economy or nation is derived from the photosynthetic process - green plants growing on regenerating soil.


Allan Savory


In 2020 we start our regenerative demonstration farm Bodemzicht ('Soil perspective'), at landgoed Grootstal, right next to Nijmegen. Regenerative agriculture grows top soil, sequesters CO2, increases biodiversity and makes profit. Bodemzicht will profoundly change the perspective in Dutch agriculture: from boundless, degrading monocultures to grounded, resilient farm enterprises. Our farm starts from 21st century challenges as climate change, biodiversity loss and the farmers' crisis and translates these into carbon positive, biodiverse and profitable agriculture.


Bodemzicht will deliver vegetables, fruits and eggs directly to a regional market. The soil is disturbed as little as possible and no artificial fertilisers and pesticides are used. The farm works with existing natural processes and with a circular logic. For example prunings will provide carbon for compost, chicken will eat and fertilise compost and compost is again food for vegetables and trees. Mobile chicken caravans in the orchards activate the soil and work as intensive carbon pumps that store CO2. Bodemzicht has its own water system that can deal with droughts and floods. The latest green technology is integrated throughout the company for energy, data and operations.



Bodemzicht wants to provide a realistic circular alternative to current agriculture ánd create a long term future for farmers in the Netherlands.


Towards a truly sustainable agriculture!




“Earthworms will dance”

Joel Salatin




Ricardo Cano Mateo

Anne van Leeuwen

Learning place

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”


Albert Einstein

Besides a production farm Bodemzicht is also a learning place. For people interested in regenerative agriculture there will be courses about permaculture and holistic management, but also about how to write a regenerative business plan or start a no dig market garden. Additionally there are programmes about ecology in the Anthropocene, dealing with climate change, sustainable worldviews and the value of nature. At the learning place scientists, artists, policy makers and entrepeneurs work together on the transition.

The learning place starts in 2021.



 “Nature is no longer outside us, but beneath our feet, and it shakes us.”

Bruno Latour

Bodemzicht works on a regenerative residency in which thinkers and doers - artists, scientists, designers, farmers, chefs – research regenerative agriculture at landgoed Grootstal. The residents offer diverse quantitative and qualitative insights - from carbon data to poems and menus - in relation to the development of Bodemzicht and Grootstal as a transition place. Feedback from residents improve the farm continuously. More information will follow.



“The landscape of any farm is the owner's portrait of himself.”


Aldo Leopold

Ricardo Cano Mateo (1985) is a Spanish biologist and the farmer of Bodemzicht. Bodemzicht started for Ricardo with a shifting perspective on nature conservation. "Everyone was focusing on human-exclusive nature conservation, while I observed in Costa Rica how much human-inclusive agroforestry contributed to the rain forest. Years of intensive studies into nature-inclusive agriculture followed. Later I experienced the positive impact of regenerative agriculture on landscapes and communities during my work at Ecosystem Restoration Camps in Spain."

Anne van Leeuwen (1987) studied art history, cultural analysis and biology. She will focus on Bodemzicht learning place. The idea for Bodemzicht emerged from her search to bring natural and cultural worlds together. "During my studies I struggled with the division between nature and culture. Working at ARTIS I discovered that storytelling is at heart of transformation. With a growing sense of urgency, I decided it was time to start a fundamental and earth-bound ecological learning place."

Ricardo Cano Mateo

Anne van Leeuwen

Landgoed Grootstal

Sint Jacobsweg, Malden

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